Selection #6: MORE JAH SONGS (mixed by Laezee)

A selection of UK Roots with strong spiritual message, from mid-'90s tunes by Rasheda/Disciples and Naphtali/Jah Warrior to recent releases of Black Redemption and Sufferah's Choice.

1. Hail H.I.M. - Sis Rasheda (Sis Rasheda Lionness Music 12")
2. Vocal Dub - Sis Rasheda (Sis Rasheda Lionness Music 12")
3. The 22nd Book - Naphtali (Jah Warrior 12")
4. Verse 3 - Jah Warrior (Jah Warrior 12")
5. Jah Love - The Shanti-Ites (Falasha 12")
6. Jah Love Dub - The Shanti-Ites (Falasha 12")
7. Spiritual I - Prince Alla (Black Redemption 10")
8. I-Dub - Russ D At Backyard Studio UK (Black Redemption 10")
9. If A No Jah - Vibronics feat. Singer Blue (Scoops 10")
10. Dub - Vibronics feat. Singer Blue (Scoops 10")
11. Who Make We - Doctor Blue And The Time Travellers (Dubplate Sounds 10")
12. Time Dub - The Time Travellers (Dubplate Sounds 10")
13. Submarine Dub - The Time Travellers (Dubplate Sounds 10")
14. More Jah Songs - Dubkasm feat. Tena Stelin (Sufferah's Choice LP)

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